Simply With A Change of Mind
You Can Change Your Life

– Deepak Chopra

The 4 Pillars For An Optimal Life

Changing even one pillar will cause a chain reaction for all.

Your Successful Life Formula

There IS a formula for your optimal life. It starts with knowing where you are at, and where you could go!

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The Solution

What Can You Expect From The Changes4Life Program?

My goal for you is to achieve your optimal life through better health and the 4 Pillars Formula. The solution will be as unique as you are. Like a fingerprint, I will design a program specific to your needs and dreams.

With Changes4Life – I will demonstrate how changing one aspect within yourself will cause a chain reaction in your life. I will assist you in all areas by what I call H E L P.

  • Help you Heal from hurt, stress, anger and other emotions.
  • Educate you on different ways you can solve health issues whether it be physical, mental or emotional.
  • Learn methods and practices you can use daily to create new habits within your life.
  • Positive mindset that will help you reach goals in your life.
Founder and CEO of Changes4Life

Meet Darren Deosaran

Mortgage Agent, Personal Trainer Specialist and Chopra Meditation Certification.

You may be wondering what makes me uniquely qualified to lead this company and help people succeed in their life. It’s a great question actually. The short answer is, I come from a strong upbringing with loving parents, education and extra-curricular activities. But somewhere along the path, I lost MY WAY. I found myself in situations that compromised my well-being and love of life. It can happen to anyone, at any time. The important thing is, how do you get out?

After years of suffering, I picked myself up and gained designations in finances, spirituality, leadership and physical training.  I am a totally new person now, and want to share my learnings to help people succeed.  I would be happy to share my full story with you upon request. I assure you, it’s an interesting read which may really inspire you to make important changes in your life.

I am here to H E L P !

My Promise to YOU

Real Lasting Change

My goal is to HELP people (Heal, Educate, Learn, Positivity) with the 4 pillars –
Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial.

Everyone who comes to me is unique, and will be treated that way. There is no one solution to helping people and in helping you, I will not treat you as such. I will not put you into a category or treat you as a number.

When you work with me, you are the person who needs HELP, and I will focus only on that, while also honouring your privacy and respecting your openness. EveryONE is unique, EveryONE has a different story and each person deserves the right to be heard.

Let’s Get Started!